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Pattern and Templates for you! Introducing "Clock-A-Go-Go"

Pardonnez s'il vous plaît le manque de traduction pour ce poste.

Here you go.  This is a conversation piece, a fab big cushion for a bed or Lounge, take your pic.  It's yours for whatever personal use you want!  If you want to make a bunch then we will need to sort out an arrangement that keeps us both happy and won't see you breaking any copyright laws.  But when I say this is a gift for personal use, it really is a gift.  Happy Sunday!

The templates for the Daisies and the clock can be found here

The link will take you to Google docs, where you can download the templates with a click of a button.

The Diamonds are 2'' (5.8cm)  @ 45 degrees.

Each Diamond Border needs the following:

7 Grey Diamonds - 7つのxグレー・ダイアモンド形. 7 forme de Diamants Grise x
7 Red Diamonds. -  7つの赤いダイアモンド形   7 forme de Diamants Rouge x
7 Blue Diamonds -  7つの青いダイアモンド形    7 forme de Diamants Bleue
7 Green Diamonds -  7つの緑のダイアモンド形.  7 forme de Diamants verte
4  Pink Diamonds. -  4つのピンクのダイアモンド形.  4 forme de Diamants rose
4 Full Orange Diamonds -  4つのオレンジ・ダイアモンド形.  4 forme de Diamants orange

(yes, the ones in the picture are only half, I'm still learning the program).
24 Grey Triangles (I cut my diamond papers in half to make the triangles I needed).

24の灰色の三角形形。 三角形を作るために、半分に紙ダイヤモンド形を切ってください

24 forme de triangle grise.  la forme de diamant en papier de réduction dans la moitié pour faire le triangle

Here is a sample of a finished border.

Jo's English Paper Piecing Technique:

I love English Paper Piecing.  I was fist taught how to this when I was 15.  My family was staying in a very tiny outback town.  We were all staying in the post office.  It was very old  with very high ceilings.  Because this town was in the outback, it was very hot and desolate.  The postmaster's mother (she was a little old lady) was staying there too.  There literally wasn't anything to do, and my mother wanted to keep myself and my sister in side.  A young stockman had come to the post office.  he was wearing his best white moleskin jeans and a light blue and white checkered shirt and had his akubra hat in his hand.  He said he was just stopping by, but as there was only one other girl in the town (she was the barmaid in the only pub in town), word had gotten round the surrounding cattle stations that there were two new girls in town.  This stockman had decided to come and see for himself.  My mother then decided that we were going nowhere and we spent the rest of the time inside the post office.  The post master's mother taught me how to Paper Piece to while away the time.  I learnt the traditional way, folding fabric around paper shapes cut from old women's magazines, then tacked in pace and then sewn together with a whip stitch.

In that cool, old Post office with desert and scrub as far as the eye could see out the windows, looking back I could have been looking out onto the 1930s outside those windows.  Time felt like it had literally stopped.

I don't do my English Paper Piecing like that anymore.  No more shapes cut out of the pages of the Women's weekly.  I use laser cut papers.  I don't sew my shapes down before I sew them together, I use glue to put my shapes together and now, as of this project I also use washi tape.

There are a few folks around the traps using tape with their English Paper Piecing, I'm using washi tape and it now sits with all my quilting tools.  I cut out my fabric shapes, use glue to cover my laser cut pieces and then comes the washi tape.

I use washi tape to tape my pieces together, in the order I want.  Then I flip the piece over.


I then whip stitch the pieces together but next time, I think I'll use a ladder stitch.  The results are so much better than doing it the old way and I think the ladder stitch will really make the stitches disappear on the right side.

I enjoyed making the shapes so much I hade a whole bunch.  I don't know how that happened.

On my blog here you are going to see a button for EQ8 (The electric Quilt Company).  This incredibly powerful piece of software is now an important part of my designing tool box and I'll be writing about it along with everything else I'm planning, from now on.

I am still learning EQ8.  I have to say that as far as improving my accuracy, the results have been astounding. Leaps and jumps ahead of my efforts before.  from no one, when I am designing something new, I will be using EQ to ensure that everything is tickety boo (aka - accurate).

I took a couple of screen shots of my design process in EQ8.  No matter how accurate I try to be with a pen and paper when it comes to my quilt designs, its never quite right.  In EQ8 I don't have that issue.So this is me working on my diamonds and whaddya know, it's all lovely!  Its a very simple process to make accurate shapes.


There is one of my favourite features of EQ8.  When you design a motif or block you can print out a black and white image of your design.  This is great.  This means that if I want to play around with my pencils and colour by hand I can.  I like that a lot.  Here is the clock motif before I put it in the final design.

This was the result of me placing all my elements together for the final design, before I added the colour in the program and created the templates for you to use.

All the elements in this design were created from scratch by me.  EQ8 has a hug library of quilt block designs and motifs but if you see anything here on this blog, designed by me it's really designed by me from the ground up.  Normally with a manual on my knee.  Just because a quilt design is done on a computer doesn't mean it's "easy" or doesn't require any design skill.  That's simply not the case.  Being original or trying to be original (more of that in the next blog post 👍) is a skill.  I am a real lover of pencil and paper and paint but I also love using my computer as well, and blending them all together - well - that's a treat.

Let me know how you go and if you like this pattern.  Thanks so much for dropping by!

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