Thursday, 21 February 2019

Tutorial - Wee Widget

I use this funny little poufy sqaure thingy all the time and I thought I would share how to make this.

I use this as a weight for when I’m quilting, cutting out a pattern from fabric, or needing something to hold down the various bits of paper I use when I am drawing and painting etc.  Ive got a bunch of these in different sizes and they are very useful.

I’ve done up an illustrated pattern (only 1 page) that you can print out if you want to scribble all over it or do what I do, and stick them in a folder.  For that rainy sewing day.

This is such a simple project to do.

You will need:

A square off fabric.  It has to be square or it will make you cry.  I started with an 11.5cm square or a 4 and half inch square of fabric.

Needle and thread.

Your chosen filling material, I use flax, but you might want rice, wheat etc.

I folded that fabric into quarters and finger pressed the edges.  This is to make guidelines.  They come in handy.

Fold the edges into the middle of the square and sew the together.  Have a look at the drawn images on the pattern  It’s simple and clear and it will make sense.

Once you have sewn all your edges together making sure you have left a space to fill (yes, I have learnt that the hard way).

I have filled my widgets with flax seed.  I like the way that feels and I like the fact that folks have been filling all sorts of things with flax since medieval times or earlier.  I get mine in bags form my local health food store.  When I bring the bags home I stick them in the freezer for 24-48 hours before I am going to use them.

Sticking the flax in the freezer means that you will have very kindly and gently gotten rid of anything creepy crawly that have been snuggled down in the flax (because that can happen).  Just be aware that if you want to fill your widgets with rice, wheat whatever, make sure you stick in the freezer for a bit first.

You could fill your widgets with sand or with crushed walnut shells if you want a pin cusahion as well as a weight.

Toy fill or wool won't work for the widget because they don’t have any real weight but could work if you want to make a pin cushion.

Let me know how you go, I’d love to see what yours look like.

You can find the pattern link here

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