Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Dressing Table.

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass advertisement 1959

I’ve got a large collection of vintage magazines and ephemera, plus scrap books filled with pictures of all sorts of vintage images and fonts etc, stacks.

It’s a bit of a sickness that seems to be shared by a lot of designers and creative folks. We are visual pack rats 😜

But there’s a point to it. Every single image on every single page of everything I’ve got stashed away is packed with heaps and heaps of information and inspiration. I’ve got it organised - mostly. Some creative folks like a huge pile of chaos, that can be part of the process that is getting inspiration.

I love late 50s - early 60s design. It’s my thing. BUT while I love it too bits, I don’t want to steal from it. I want to be inspired by it.   In designing that can be a bit of a tricky thing.

Anyhoo, the range I’m building that literally came from some flowers I took from my garden (only because I had to dead head some roses 🙄) has now grown into a range of quilting/furnishing fabrics. I’ve just loved loved loved being swallowed up by the process, I’ve got a couple of designs in the range to finish but I’ve also starting getting together a few images to use as a base for a new range.

And so it goes.

My range that I’m working on now has a name “Dressing Table”.  I have such strong memories of the lovely old lady who lived next door to us when I was a kid. Aunty Joy had a white, low early 60s Dressing Table with a very large mirror that was covered in vintage Avon bottles, little ornaments, powder puffs, cut glass crystal bowls filled with costume jewellery and very large rings. My mother in law has something similar.

It’s funny how those snap shots from life get buried in the brain and always stay with you. 

It stayed with me.  As I painted roses and swans it was a no brainer, “Dressing Table” is my theme for my range and for the new one too. 

I’ll talk about how I look at images next week. What do you think when you look at the picture above. What can you see and what does it make you think? 

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