Monday, 4 February 2019

The birth of a range ... why is it so late??

Something happened the other day.  I took a picture of a bunch of flowers from my garden. No big deal really. But something happened.  I found myself wanting to turn those flowers into a large floral motif.  I had to do it.  I couldn’t wait for the small pockets of time I could grab so I could get it started.  And since that very moment I put brush to paper, I have not been able to do anything else (my bathrooms and the washing that needs to be done can testify to that).

I’m a planner.  Sometimes, that can be a good thing.  Sometimes I think I should plan more,especially with my writing.  But when it has come to my textile designs, I plan way too much.  The more I plan, the more confined and fussy my designs become and the more frustrated I become. After my last attempt at putting together a range, I found myself with great colours, a promising motif and a lot of silly ideas that went no where.

I was thinking way too much.

The new work I have done, to be honest, I didn’t think about it all.  I mean it, I just thought “paint”.  I used colours that I had mixed for the last failed range and paper I had in my studio.  I don’t think about anything, I just allowed myself to  paint and enjoy it.

I love the result, it’s excited me in a creative way and as a result, I’m getting fizzy brains.  In other words, I’m getting together a range that is forming organically.  All by itself.  Very cool.  I’m in unknown territory here because this isn’t a process I have ever followed before.  So its going to be interesting to see what eventuates. 

I’m instagramming the steps I’m taking so I can see the progress of the range.

I rustled up a quick co-ordinate to go with my floral centre3 piece.  It looks great.  Text can be great in fabric and it can be very versatile.  It looks great as borders or as highlighting or as a focal point.

Words are important, and they can have power.  They can transport and educate and create feeling.  Unless you use them waaaaayyyyy too much.

The words “dream’ and “believe’ are everywhere.  Wall art, fabric for furniture, fabric for quil;ting and clothes and t-shirts.  I hate to say it but those two, once very important words, now have the depth of wall paper.  I glaze over when I see them to be honest.

I went through all my vintage magazines and ephemera looking for great fonts and words that made my imagination go bonkers.  I then took the words I found and turned them into a design.  I thought it would be lovely to be lying  down on a quilt and l;eating the words fool your head with images.

Words like : Loveliest, cottage, garden and open of my favs, enchantment.

It only took a couple of hours to get the design finished. I thought I was done for the day.  I did all the stuff I needed to do and went to bed.

Like that worked.

My head has been filled with a deep, dark forest green.  I have that green in the bunch of flowers piece.  I love that colour, its very rich and out looks great with the mauve colour I have been using.  So my brain goes fizz fizz fizz and I’m lying in the dark imagining what that fabulous green looks like with gorgeous text on top of it, and then what that fabric would look like as an oversized business shirt, worn with boyfriend jeans, and a bandana made out of my bunch of roses motif.  Yeah, I’m in creation mode.  

So here I am, in the studio writing my blog post so i can say that I have been true to my scheduled and blogged on Monday(ish) and thinking about mixing some more divine green before I go to bed and start a new design tomorrow, without planning!

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