Saturday, 2 February 2019

Ah ... the empty blog and how to fill it.

“You have to have a blog Jo.”


But ... blog what?  I’ve been wrestling this for months and months now. So now, at last I’ve settled on what I would like to put here.

If you have found me on Instagram (revolutionarycake) and have come here (hi 👋🏻), you’ll probably find an expanded version of something you have seen there. This blog is the place where I can write about stuff I like, stuff I’m creating and stuff that makes me want up create stuff.

And I’ll show you all the stuff too.

Starting from Monday, I’ll be blogging once a week. I have to, I put it in my diary so I can’t let the diary down (this is my year for organising my design schedule and staying true to my focus. 😱😱)

So this is the kick off post. The picture is of a new design I’m working on.  I’ve spent hours preparing another collection based around the colours I’m using here and to be honest, it didn’t thrill me   I plugged away at it but it all felt very stilted. I got grumpy and put it all away.

It’s been incredibly hot here, so hot it’s been melting the tar on the roads. While everything has been shrivelling up (including me) my roses have grown into monsters. I had to do a huge session of dead heading, and this big bunch were the left overs.

They just sang to me. So I stood on a chair and took a picture of the flowers while my cat looked at me like I was nuts.

I thought it would make a lovely fabric design so I had the picture blown up to an A3 copy and I’ve been working on the design ever since. Without thinking too hard about it and using the colours from the failed project, because they were too lovely to ignore.

A new design collection is coming to life. Woohoo. It’s going to be interesting to see what it looks like.

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