Monday, 7 May 2018

A brief, wee look at what’s coming next and trying out the app.

Here are a few pictures to have a look at:

Textile Design:

Pre motherhood, I went to design school and got a degree in Fashion and Textile Design and I worked in a studio design textiles for the fashion industry ( women’s and kids wear). After many years, I’ve picked up my brushes and fired up my Mac and I’ve put together a collection of fabric designs that will be going up on at the end of June. This picture is a little colourway of one of the designs. I’m a lover of Vintage so my collection has a vintage feel to it.

The Pattern Work Book. I’ve been working on this, off and on, for years now. I have decided to actually devote as much time as I can to see it realised. There is more on this further down.

The Theatre de la Mode is something that has fascinated me for years and years and I’m going to write more about it over the next few months. I first heard of it in 1992, and it was also a catalyst for the Pattern Work Book.

Sensei Chuck Nohara is a quilt master from Japan. Her book 2001 quilt books is amazing and I am learning so much. So I’ve stopped every other piece of quilting I have been doing and I’m just concentrating on this quilt until it’s done. So it’s going up here because I just love it.

Vintage typography and illustration: Beautiful. You’ll see my favs here.

This is the first part of the The Pattern Work Book. I thought it looked lovely! 

This is the front cover (illustrated by me) for the first part of The Pattern Workbook.

There are a couple of Applique patterns coming (but they are  being refined now) and once a year we go to Japan, so there might be a little bit about Japanese design and culture plus some other little surprises coming. I feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day but in the best kind of way.  

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