Saturday, 6 April 2013

About Japan Quilt Show Pt.1 and something new ...

It's Saturday afternoon and Pickles is playing with one her BFF's in her bedroom.  An epic story involving wands and vows and all sorts.  My man is on his way home from seeing mates and is popping into the supermarket to grab me some cream for dinner.  I told the girls I would make Cabonnara for dinner, fairy cabonnara to be exact.

Katie Noonan is singing (check out itunes if you haven't heard of her) and I thought it might be a good idea if I added something to my blog.  Poor wee thing.

Japan. Was. Amazing.

So amazing in fact, I think we might be heading back there in October to check out Kyoto in Autumn.  But I thought I would put up some pics from the 2013 Tokyo International Quilt Show.

Just to prove it.  I was there :)  See, told ya.
This picture does not convey exactly how many people where there.   All very ordered and polite but watch out for the little old ladies, they push like a fury.

These two quilts were a real highlight for me, everything and I mean everything was done by hand.  I thought I could be detail focused, not one tiny bit.  The Japanese quilters are the best in the world.  If you disagree, the next Tokyo Quilt show is late January 2014.  Go.  Be amazed.

The venue was a huge indoor baseball stadium and this is only part of the show.

The aisles were packed and the shopping unbelievable but you had to be prepared to be utterly surrounded and sometimes, I found myself have to be a bit forceful to get to see in stands but it was still great.

 I'll do another post with some more pics to give you a bit more of a look at the show.

But I can't help myself, here is the quilt show loot.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy more back issues of the Quilts Japan.  And I didn't see Patchwork Tsushin there, I think I may have missed some of the stands, in fact I know I did.  Oh well, guess I might have to go back. :)

Quilts Japan Back Issues.

Not technically from the show but from a shop on the outside of the stadium but honestly, you can never have too much TOTORO phone bling.  (Google "my neighbour Totoro" its a family favourite here).

I'm normally not a fan of kits but I bought a couple at the show, because I loved them .  I liked the technique in the top one, there are tiny crystals sewn on the points of the petals.  The bottom one is a robot.  Help me.  A robot.  So very cool.

Gorgeous Yuwa Fabrics, from the source. Nuff said.

This was my "why DID I get this?" purchase.  But ... into the stash it goes.

How gorgeous are these?  If we go back in October I'm on the hunt for quilt shops in Kyoto.
Now this was something I was directly looking for.  These are for Boutis and there is a lovely lady in Japan who has made it her specialty.  I'm going to do a post on her and boutis in the next little bit.  But this is the boutis thread and needles I'll need for Jane Francaise.  And more on THAT later too ...

More yummy fabric and another wee kit that I got really for the fabric scraps

A great pair of scissors, they are now sitting in my take everywhere quilting kit. The cat, that's my cat.  She is priceless :)

Gorgeous needles from Tulip.

Another bag of gorgeous scraps, lovely lace and a FQ with Ballet Dancers  all over it, to make "something" for Pickles.

I'll post some more pictures and write a little more about the show in another post but here is a picture of something new I have done. Its a mini quilt, "La Belle Fleur".  Roughly 60cm square.  The lady bust  came from a french fashion magazine of mine from 1949.  The fabric is the re-released Three Sisters "Paris Flea Market" range by Moda.  It was done for a local Quilt Shop competition.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hi Jo,
    I'm trying to find info on the 2014 Tokyo Quilt Show as I'm trying to organise a trip to Japan based around this event. I cannot get confirmed dates from anywhere or find anything that specifically relates to next years show so as you have been there this year I thought maybe you would have some idea of where to start. Any info would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    Cassandra Collins in Perth WA

    1. Hi Cassandra.

      I would love to help you with this :) There is a possibility that I would be back at the quilt show next year myself. Maybe we could meet up? There won't be any details up until late September-ish and there is a website, I can give you the details. I can also let you know a great place to stay in Tokyo (we will go back there ourselves) and about getting around on the train system. Cheap and effective. Would love to talk you more about this, is email okay or happy for you to call if you want. LMK jo

    2. Hi Jo,
      Thanks for getting back to me! I've organised trips before but Japan seems a little different so any help at all would be much appreciated.
      Its been a very frustrating search for dates so far but have managed to get unconfirmed dates (23-29 January)from a couple of places.
      There will be 4 definites and 1 other maybe from our local quilt group (Black Boy Hill Quilters) who are travelling. We have all travelled to various places "just for the quilts" with some going to Birmingham last year and others to Houston the year before and then quite a few trips within Australia and New Zealand.
      Our plan is to fly into Osaka and travel by train via Kyoto and Yokohama (and various other places) and finish up in Tokyo before returning to Perth from there. We are aiming at about 2 weeks in total for the trip.
      Any info about the trains and accommodation would be great as you can only tell so much from the pictures! Cheap and effective trains means more money for fabric!
      Meeting up would be great! Meeting people with similar interests is always fantastic - so much to talk about!
      It would be really great to talk to you - I can call you - if you can give me a couple of different times that would be suitable to call that would be great as things are really busy at the moment! My email is so you don't publish your number to the world!
      Please forgive me for waffling on a bit I'm just so excited to be in contact with someone that's been there!!!!
      Thanks again

    3. Hi,

      I am also trying to find information on when the festival is on but i cant seem to find dates anywhere. can you help me with this?

  2. Hi Jo
    I am based in New Zealand and am looking at travelling to the Quilt Show in January 2014. I have had a look on line and it appears the dates are 24 - 30 January. I would bee keen for any recommendations as to accommodation and getting around etc. I have a shop based in New Zealand and buy from a couple of manufacturers in Japan so it will be great to go over and meet them in person. Thank you Lyndy

    1. Hi Lyndy,

      I would love to help. Could you email me and I can email you? Would that be okay? We are talking about going back and I am really hoping I could go to the show again. If I get there it would be great to be able to meet you and say hi! Please tell me the name of your shop, do you have a website and better still, do you mail order!!!

      Let me know and I can send you some info.

      all the best


  3. Hi Jo,
    I was recently in Tokyo at a quilt show in one of the park hyatt buildings and saw a ceremonial textile cake that was quilted a lady said that it is a gift given to the parents at a wedding to delay then keep
    Have you seen any of these at the show? Also do you know anything about this custom as I'm trying to gather more information about this however am struggling to find information


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