Thursday, 11 October 2012

kai no kuchi - D.I.Y intro

Hey Hey.

This is an intro for a  wee tut so hang on to your knickers

Kai No Kuchi are little purse thingys.  The japanese craft mags tend to be filled with them and all working on the assumption that EVERYONE knows how to make them.  Took me a bit of digging but when I worked it out it's sew simple, my nutty cat could do it with one paw tied behind her back.

The fabulous CLOVER company have just bought out a set of plastic Kai No Kuchi shapes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large) which can be bought in all good stores that carry clover products.  The link is for the Japan site, Clover USA can be found here.

Before I kick the tut off I wanted to say a couple of things about Clover.  I swear, swear, swear by this company and the fantastic tools they make.  The quality of the tools are streets ahead of anything else on the market.  The rotary cutters in particular are very good.  I use their delicate little applique pins all the time, anyways, my sewing bag is filled with all sorts of clover stuff.

I have been getting a little frustrated tho, because there seems to be a bit of censoring being done by Clover.  There are some fantastic clover products available in Japan that we can't get here in Aus, or europe or the US.  Things like this:

This is for "Boutis" or "Trapunto" as well as this:

So these tools and needles have been specially developed for Boutis (yes, I'm using the french term), and no we cant get them here.

Instead Clover USA has decided that we all would be interested in some pretty useless things instead.  A pincushion, some bag templates and a funny looking ruler that is supposed to replace a quilting ruler. All of these products are basically wheel inventing without the quality or the aesthetic that all of us have come  to expect from Clover Japan.  Here are a couple of other neat doobies that we are missing out on too:

This tool is for making mini rag rugs

These templates are for making origami pieces out of fabric.

All really useful and very exciting and no where to be seen outside of Japan.  Crazy Huh?

Anyhoo back to Kai No Kuchi.  Here is a wee pic and I bet you will think "ohhhh, THAT'S what they are!"

I am going to use them for cotton reels when I am out and about, but you could have anything in there and you could embellish them in anyway you want and have them look anyways you want.  They are being called "clamshell" purses by Clover USA but when you google that, you don't find them at all.  But google "Kai No Kuchi" and a bunch of stuff appears so make sure you check out the google images tab as well to see what's floating about in blog land.  I'm going to make one tonight and add the tut here in the next couple of days.

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