Friday, 4 November 2011

Sew Hong Kong ...

What a way to wake up in the morning and look over this:

It's Hong Kong Harbour. We are all sitting in our bed looking at the view will Pickles checks out her loot from the Night Markets last night and I am finally getting a chance to blog .

This is going to be a quick post, Pickles is starting to look at the pillows like they are food so that means that we are going to have to go looking for breakfast in a moment.

What I really want to say is:

Yes Cinderella, you can sew on the plane. I was told this by the ladies at the Cottage Quiltworks and they were "sew" right. But be smart, don't take scissors. But do get your hands on this:

Sewline's needle threader has a great thread cutter on the side and a small compartment for holding a couple of needles and pins. I made sure that I had two number 9 needles and a dozen clover applique pins, all very small and all stuck into a small piece of wool felt and then put in the chamber under the threader. I also had a sandwhich bag filled with thread and my thread heaven, plus the squares I was working on.

I sewed from Sydney to Hong Kong. And watched some movies at the same time.

At the Hong Kong disneyland Hotel.

And too and from Macao.

we have a couple of days left here and then back we go home. But it's been great being able to work on my new piece "Bon Nuit". I'll write more when I can.

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