Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I said I would ...

Post and here I am. Posting. I am just buggered by the way. I want to know why it feels like I need 50 holidays to get ready for the holiday we are going on. I am washing everything that isn't nailed down and I have been cleaning the house (yucky, yucky, yucky).

I have been doing some stuff and I have been really enjoying getting my "mojo" back. so I have a bunch of stuff brewing in my brain and its in the process of spilling out and turning into things. I just love that. So I started to put together a travel bag for the holiday.

I went to the Cottage Quiltworks and I always come away from there spending way too much. I bought an amazing pair of really wee scissors and an amazing needle threader. I also bought some really beautiful Yuwa spotty fabric. French Blue Indigo, where have you been all my life?

I just love this colour, so much so that I am building a whole quilt around it and that quilt will be entered into a competition in March 2012, but more about that later. I am taking the laptop on Holiday in the vain hope that I can blog there too.

I'll post more pics of the bag when I get back home.

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