Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dark Night of the Quilting Soul ...

That's where I have been. It's been busy and I have had a lot on my plate, but I also maxed myself out in a quilting way. I never thought that was possible but it managed to co-incide with me finishing the first draft of my novel. A wee spot of burn out I think but ... I am back in the saddle yee-haw! Well, woo hoo anyway.

I am sewing and quilting and starting to get stuff ready to make for the next two months and it's going to be full on. With any luck I might be able to sneak some stuff in for me, and make some more headway with my show quilt for next February.

It's this project that I have been taking with me everywhere, my show quilt. I'll post some more pics in a later post. But for now ... I'm channeling Alice. It's weird but I am being surrounded by Alice in Wonderland. Its making my mind brew and bubble and fizz. As I get more concrete ideas, I'll get them down and pop them here. I've just tried to load a bunch of pictures and blogger is making me miserable. So for now, it's down to Gwen.

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