Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Well, I had a go ...

here is my first attempt at free motion quilting. I have to say that I like it, free motion quilting that is, my attempts leave a lot to be desired however. But I can see how a little bit of practice can go a long long way. And my mind is fizzy with all sorts of ideas. So all in all, I'll be doing a lot more of it in the future.

Have a wee squizzy at this, isn't this gorgeous! Would you believe it, it's vintage Chinese fabric from the 1950s. China has a vast, wonderful ,and turbulent history. During the 1950s, China was going through the great leap forward. If you are interested, google it and have a wee read in Wikipedia. Anyway, here a couple of pieces of fabric from that time. Aren't they just beautiful. At a time when everything was hard and bleak, look at the colour and the design!

Coming from a textile design background, when I look at these pieces, I think a lot about who the designer must have been, and the people who did the printing, and about their families and their lives. I feel like I have history in my hands, and I can't help wondering about the stories that lay in the threads of the fabric. Which leads me to ...


The good folks at Itizen have come up with these. Labels for you to put on the stuff you make. But, and here is the cool part, you can write about the story that went behind what you made and log it on their website, so when the item you made gets passed on, the giftee (is that a word?) can log in and see the story and then as the item gets passed on and on and on, the story behind the item gets logged and grows.

I just love love love this. If you go to the link above, they will send you a sample pack for nix. But I have to say that nothing will leave my hands now without one of these attached to it some way or other.

This, in a word, is awesome.

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