Friday, 25 June 2010

Sick, I'm sick ... cough cough

I'm sick. No post on Wednesday, writing my butt off to get my book done and now sick. Bugger bugger poo bum wee.

But here a couple of pics to keep me feeling like I haven't neglected this blog as much as I really have this week.

Was at Ikea with two of the other Monday Mums on ... well ... Monday, and I saw this hanging up at the front of the store.

And as I went up the escalators, I got a better look. How cool is this?

Pickles went fishing and caught this:

The Mountains are feeling very close to me at the moment, as I start to think more and more about the quilt I am starting to out together, as I race to get my book finally finished, I have been thinking about the Mountains so much. And here is why they are called the Blue Mountains.

Should be right to post in the next couple of days and I will, and as I said, I will be going to two posts a week once my book is done. Which should be next week. Fingers crossed.

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