Friday, 11 June 2010

Idees ... Marie Claire style with a little bit of swing ...

Okay. It's not Wednesday, it's Friday. My actual writing has been taking my time and brain away, so I will make a wee caveat. When I can I will endevour to post twice a week. On wednesday and on sunday, that makes more sense. My book is nearly done, nearly. So for the next two weeks I have to see how much work I can push out. I'll post when I can and once I can get the editing underway, I'll have a crack at regular posting.

I got my new (well, old actually, January issue 2010) copy of Marie Claire Idees. Oh lord have mercy, I just love this magazine. Every issue has me just beside myself.

This issue had a feature on using the Eiffel Tower as a design motif and have a quick squizy at this amazing little bits of lovelies.

Pickles is 5 years old now, but have a look at this divine little cardi for the mini diva in your life. How lovely is that?

Don't start me on the bags.

And to top it all off, I bought myself a dvd that day to. Sun Valley Serenade - made in 1941.

Pickles wants to learn how to skate and she has already written a letter to Santa (in March mind you) asking for a pair of white skates. She and I watched this sucker from end to end and she just loved it. I got an a-grade kick out of seeing Glen Miller and his band, not to mention the Modernaires as well. No, I am not 80, and I do like my music. But I do like all sorts of music and Swing, well makes me smile. Love it. How schmick do the Modenaires look in this pic? Fab, just fab . I got a gal ... in a kalamazoo zoo zoo ....

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