Friday, 25 June 2010

Sick, I'm sick ... cough cough

I'm sick. No post on Wednesday, writing my butt off to get my book done and now sick. Bugger bugger poo bum wee.

But here a couple of pics to keep me feeling like I haven't neglected this blog as much as I really have this week.

Was at Ikea with two of the other Monday Mums on ... well ... Monday, and I saw this hanging up at the front of the store.

And as I went up the escalators, I got a better look. How cool is this?

Pickles went fishing and caught this:

The Mountains are feeling very close to me at the moment, as I start to think more and more about the quilt I am starting to out together, as I race to get my book finally finished, I have been thinking about the Mountains so much. And here is why they are called the Blue Mountains.

Should be right to post in the next couple of days and I will, and as I said, I will be going to two posts a week once my book is done. Which should be next week. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Oh that Quiltsalott ...

It's Wednesday and here I am ... posting. I thought I would show you the gorgeous little purse I made. You can find the most excellent tutorial here . Quiltsalott is a great blog and one of my regular reads. I have this earmarked to be made into gifts for a very special group of women for christmas. Along with the totally gorgeous cotton holder and scissor keep. You can get that pattern from The Stitching Post in the Blue Mountains. The Mountains are a very special place for me, and I can go into that later but here is a picture for you, just to give you an idea of how lovely it is. Wish I could release some crisp mountain air and the sounds of Bellbirds coming up from the bush, not to mention the clouds.

Here are the pics of the Purse. I thought I would try something a wee bit different this time and I used my Hipstamatic app on the iphone.

So in next post, hope to show you parts of the next block for the show quilt and the bag ... don't start me on the bag ...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Idees ... Marie Claire style with a little bit of swing ...

Okay. It's not Wednesday, it's Friday. My actual writing has been taking my time and brain away, so I will make a wee caveat. When I can I will endevour to post twice a week. On wednesday and on sunday, that makes more sense. My book is nearly done, nearly. So for the next two weeks I have to see how much work I can push out. I'll post when I can and once I can get the editing underway, I'll have a crack at regular posting.

I got my new (well, old actually, January issue 2010) copy of Marie Claire Idees. Oh lord have mercy, I just love this magazine. Every issue has me just beside myself.

This issue had a feature on using the Eiffel Tower as a design motif and have a quick squizy at this amazing little bits of lovelies.

Pickles is 5 years old now, but have a look at this divine little cardi for the mini diva in your life. How lovely is that?

Don't start me on the bags.

And to top it all off, I bought myself a dvd that day to. Sun Valley Serenade - made in 1941.

Pickles wants to learn how to skate and she has already written a letter to Santa (in March mind you) asking for a pair of white skates. She and I watched this sucker from end to end and she just loved it. I got an a-grade kick out of seeing Glen Miller and his band, not to mention the Modernaires as well. No, I am not 80, and I do like my music. But I do like all sorts of music and Swing, well makes me smile. Love it. How schmick do the Modenaires look in this pic? Fab, just fab . I got a gal ... in a kalamazoo zoo zoo ....

Friday, 4 June 2010

Rain, Cats and bag in box ...

Any one want to see how sunny Sydney is today? You do? Well then, here you go!

Its been raining for days. Really bucketing down. Beatrix the wonder cat has the right idea, she decided for some unknown hair brained reason that she needed to go outside. She winged and complained until I put her out the back door. Five minutes later, seriously five minutes, the cat was standing at the back window. All I could see was a pink mouth and rows or sharp little teeth as she wailed her head off. And inside she came, and in front of the heater or snuggled up with one of her warm servants er humans and she hasn't moved since.

This is a bag. I'm serious, its a bag alright, bits of a bag. Its an Amy Butler tote and already its given me serious gyp. It took me hours to cut it all out, copy patterns , puzzle over instructions supposedly in English but are actually in Butler-ish. This bag isn't for me, its for some one else (mysterious wink) and I can you about the story of the bag in the next few posts but for the time being here are the bits, in a box.

Block Report: I have said to myself that I am going to try and complete one block a week for some of the quilts I am making. And to get the ball rolling, here is the very first block of my "Saturday afternoon with Eda" Quilt.

I am going to have to come up with something much better for carrying around my "on the go" quilting. Tonight, I am going to try to rustle up a bonza little purse I saw in a great Tutorial on Quiltsalott. Its a fab little thing, I have plans for this purse. I am going to make a bunch for friends for Christmas and tonight will be my dry run. It wont take long at all, which is good because I have a friend coming to stay from between 9 -10 pm tonight. Next big block of time I can wrangle will be to finish the bag bits.

Have a great weekend folks, I am endevouring to post on a Wednesday and Friday night from now on, and lets just see how that works. But for now, bon nuit lovelies!