Saturday, 29 May 2010

The last of the great D.I.Y Block Carriers ...

Its been raining and cold all day here. No sun, all grey. The cat just had a fang at my knee. Brent and Pickles are playing with the PS2, yes we still have a PS2 and they are having a ball. I thought I would grab the time and finally post the last bits of the block carrier here.

Where we left off ... We had just turned the carrier right side out, pressed it and attached one set of the handles. Next off the rank, pin the top closed, making sure you add your tabs for the handles and making sure they line up beautifully with the side you have already done. Then sew along the top by hand if you wish or machine, take your pick! Then attach the last set of handles.

Now is the time to embellish your carrier in any way you want.

Once you have made it all purty, its time to attach the buttons to the sides. I did this by lining up the tabs on the sides of the flaps with what would be the matching position on the side of the block carrier. I then sewed on the buttons and put them in the tabs.

I then added a button for a closure on the top of the carrier as well. So the carrier is officially done. *There is something to think about however* I am contemplating put a button on each of the corners at the top of the carrier, as the cover tends to flap. The buttons would fix it.

But the Carrier is done. Finis. Phew. Next post will be about the bag I am making and there is a story there. And about Eda's quilt, its beginning ...

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