Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dollies and Spandau Ballet ...

howdy doody campers. I thought I would show you a doll I have made. She is the blue print for a wee series that I have been cooking up. Poor little thing, I like her but she does have issues. These issues have been addressed, I think, in the next version of the dolly. I call them "Starlet Kewpies". Actually, they feature in the book I am writing. Its a book for teenagers, and I wanted to see if I could make up the doll I wrote about. Anyways ... taadah!

And yes, her face is a wee wonky. That is one of the first things I have fixed. Anyways, in the next couple of days I want to show my ideas for Down Under Quilts latest quilting challenge, I haven't done one of these things before so I thought I would give it a crack. And I want to show you a pin cushion that I made to teach some of the other mums in Pickles class how to do patch work. These girls are gorgeous and they are so keen to learn. I reckon these girls are going to just soar when they see how wonderful sewing can be. Woo hoo!

And I have been talking about this for a bit. I went to Spandau Ballet. Squeeeeeeeee!!!!! Aw look, it was great. They weren't my favourite of all favourites, but they had a place on my bedroom wall. To this day, "Cut a long Story Short" can still have me dancing around the room will the cat looks at me like I was crazy. It had me almost hit the roof of the Entertainment Centre in Sydney when they opened with that song. It was a great night. I was there with a bunch of other folks who were all for that tiny time, teenagers again. No cameras were allowed but I whipped out the ol iphone and snuck one any way. you can't see anything, but I took it there. : )

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