Sunday, 23 May 2010

D.I.Y Block Carrier ... sew along anyone?

Its been bloody cold here in Sydney today. We all slept in, and then we had the laziest morning. So by about 11.30, Pickles was making apple muffins with her dad and I was sitting in front of the heater with a sleepy cat. (Don't panic, I am getting to the block thingy.)

I was watching the Sleeping Beauty (disney version) and then out of the blue, had a wee idea for a block carrier. So I did a sketch, and then pulled out my fabric, put it all together to see how it looks and then bingo, all the bits are ready to go. So before I cut it out, I thought I would post the ingredients here to show you guys what I am playing with and seeing if anyone wants to play as well. This pattern could be gussied up in a number of different ways, so it has a bunch of different feels and reflects whatever style you like.

So here is what I am going to use:

1 14" piece of thin craft board (you choose your thickness, I settled for 1/8")
2 14 1/2" square pieces of fabric for the back of the block carrier - I used plain fabric
1 13 1/2" square piece of batting ( I use bamboo batting)
1 14 1/2" square piece of fabric for the back of the front piece (could be plain or co-ordinate fabric for the fabrics on the front.)
4 7 3/4" squares, in four different fabrics
1 14 1/2" square piece of batting (again bamboo for me)
4 flap pieces. Out of cordinating fabric I made a triangle pattern. I ruled a line 8" long going down, squared out a line 6" from the top of the line. Then I ruled a line form the bottom of the long line to the end of the short line and I had my triangle! I then added a 1/4"
seam allowance.
9-11 Buttons
1 gorgeous button or feature thingy
2" of cord or leather thonging
2 bamboo handles (14" wide at the base of the handles)
Scraps of fabric to make some tabs for the handles.

You might be wondering what the piece of Micheal Miller fabric is up the top, I am going to use it to make a block carrier charm, wait and see!!!

And that's what we need to make this. As I make it, I'll put the rest of the steps with some pics up in the blog so you can see.

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