Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Confessions of a bag lady ...

Thought I might let you know about the bag I have made, because I thinks it's fair to say that ... I love it.

It came from a Japanese Quilt book, I have written about it earlier but I'll also post a picture tomorrow so you can see the cover and I'll let you know the ISBN if you want to track it down. Its an amazing pattern, it has two, count 'em, two pattern pieces and it took me under an hour to make. It was super quick, and elegant and I just love it. So the pattern will be used to make some bags for chrissy pressies.

Some of the other mothers at school are making them as well and I am itching to tell you about the MM club, so more on that later this week for you as well.

I'll post again tomorrow about the bag details, and Pickles new Telly quilt and ...

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  1. What a great bag--lovely choice of fabric and embellishments! Two pieces to boot--nice!


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