Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bag info and woolly bits ...

As promised, here are the pics of the book that I used to make the wonder bag. It's a great great book and I am so glad that I bought it when I did.

"Les couleurs francaises" - The colours of France. The ISBN is 978-4-579-11276-0 and it's code is C5077. It was published by Hobbyra Hobbyre

Some folks are daunted by the Japanese quilting magazines and books. Don't be. They all have clearly laid out pictures to follow and the patterns are great and easy to follow. I'll be making some little bits and pieces from the books I have over the next few weeks, and I'll make sure I include all the details.

And here is a wee sneak peak of the next little project I might make from the book, its lovely but there are a bunch of things I need to do first but here it is ... : )

I am just spinning some wool for a jumper (sweater) for Pickles. Its cold here, and getting colder and I will be buggered if I stick my little pretty in an acrylic sweater. The wool is mostly merino with a tiny bit of silk. Its gorgeous and looks divine. And here it is ..

I have to get my skates on, I have a bag sample to make on the weekend (more about that in the next post), not to mention the fact that I have 7 or so more chapters to go in my novel and then my book is finished. Well, the first draft anyway, and then editing and rewriting and making it all polished and beautiful before heading over to my agent. And then there is a pile of quilts and bags to make. I'm going to put a project list on the side of my blog so I can keep track of everything and so I can show you as I go... and go ... and go ...

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