Friday, 30 April 2010

So you want to make a lap top cover? ... Part Trois (3) ...

What a day. Its been long and involved and emotional. Annnnddddd I have another part of the lap top cover to finish. Its freezing here tonight. I have just hauled over the big heater and put it right on top of me ... ah yes ... I can now feel my fingers so writing here I come.

I have to warn you now ... I have to get technical here ... NOT!!! To make the lovely little curve on my flap, I went into the kitchen and rummaged around in Pickles drawer of plates and cups. I picked up her favourite yellow Ikea drinking cup, looked at it and thought "lovely". I folded my suede rectangle in half, made a little mark for the centre and ruled a line down to each point! Bingo stingo ... triangle. I then pop Pickles cup on the top of the triangle, just like in the picture and lightly traced around the arc of the cup. Take away the cup, cut around the newly traced line and your flap is now ready. You could put a large eyelet 1.5 cm down from the top point in the middle of the curve. I put mine in when I was completely finished. I think I may have forgotten to mention the eyelet. Sorry about that ... you need an eyelet. A large one will do.

Its now time to sew up your lap top bag. With the rights sides of your main lap top pieces together, and your batting piece lying on the wrong side of which fabric piece you want. Sew the pieces together along the top edge of the rectangles. Without turning anything anywhere, get your flap and place it in between the fabric piece and quilted piece with the long side of the triangle piece lined up with the edges of the other pieces. Pin in place. Grab your tap measure, and pick a side. From the first edge you sewed together measure up 50 cm ( 19 2/3" ). Place a pin in that point. On the opposite side, do the same thing. Measure up 50 cm ( 19 2/3" ). Place a pin in that point. Now all you need to do is sew from one pin up and over the edge with the flap and back down to the pin on the other side.

Snip your corners and you are now ready to turn your baby inside out. You should be able to see just how your cover will look now. Its time to insert the timtex piece into one of the gaps and have a wee fiddle about until its sitting nicely.

It's home stretch time. The timtext should give you a guide of what to do next. You will need to fold up the bottom edge up approx 28 - 30 cm ( 11 " - 11 3/4" ) with patchwork pieces facing each other. Sew the edges of both sides together and then turn that pocket right side out. And guess what? If you tie on your suede leather lacing ( I threaded a lovely faux velvet heart bead on the bottom on mine. I say "Faux" because if its real velvet I'll eat my cat. But it looks nice.) you are now ... officially finished. Wooooooohooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who's more relieved. You or me. AS I said before, I would love to see pics of the cover you make, don't forget to show! Hope you like it. The next projects on the drawing board are a business card holder, an iphone pocket, a wallet, and a doll or five as well as literally half a dozen quilts. I can show you one of the dollies in the next day or so. And when I pop up the dolly prototype up here, I'll finally tell you about Spandau Ballet ... true ... this much is true.

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