Thursday, 29 April 2010

So you want to make a lap top cover? ... Part Duex (2) ...

Part two guys. I am so sorry, trying to write up the instructions to make up the pattern or grid for the cover was starting to read like blue prints for a space shuttle. So I am going to grin and get on with it, and try to go astro navigation numbers down to a dull roar. There is a little bit to go, I am sorry about that, but's its nearly done. Really. It is.

You need to do the opposite side of the grid and that means some measuring along the bottom edge of the grid.

Hang in there.

Measure and mark the following along the bottom edge of the rectangle :

5" ( 12.8 cm) , 4 1/2" ( 11.5 cm ) , 4 1/2" ( 11.5 cm )

and now for the very last set of measurements you have to do on the last remaining edge at the top end of the rectangle.

1" ( 2.3 cm ), 4 1/2" ( 11.5 cm ) , 2 3/4" ( 7 cm ) , 1 3/4" ( 4.5 cm ) , 4 1/2" ( 11.5 cm )

Now, you have everything all set up to finish your grid. What I did then was to go to my first mark on the bottom edge ( the mark at 5" ) and then using my ruler, ruled a line from that point to the 4th mark you made on the bottom long edge closest to you. That line gives just the right angle you need to make your pattern zing. Now you have this great guide line done, you can start connecting the points on both side until you have made a lovely fat diamond pattern.

Now comes the easy part. And the fun part. On your grid, lay out out your squares in the order you want them. Laying them out will give you a chance to move the squares around until you are happy. Now quick note, the grid you have drawn will have squares of 4 1/2". Don't worry about your squares being bigger, they won't be when you sew them together. Sew your squares together, using your grid as a guide. Once you have sewn all your squares together, press the seams open and straighten up your edges with a rotary cutter so your newly sewn piece matches your pattern grid.

I am going to finish up for tonight and post more tomorrow, its been a night of phone calls and all sorts of stuff while I try to write here. So more tomorrow ...

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