Monday, 15 March 2010

Urban Flannel Cosy and Imogen Heap ...

There you go, that's not two things you normally find together. With Little Bow delivered all safe and sound to Katoomba, I can now go over all the errors in the quilt and all the things I should have done but didn't. Great, isn't it? I'll take plenty of photos on saturday, and post them here so you can see the highlights and with any luck a proper pic of Little Bow, finally. Here are a couple of wee pics of Little Pickles new Cosy. All in gorgeous Valori Wells Urban Flannels from last year, and the quilt itself is so super soft. I decided it needed to have something hanging from one side of it, just a wee hanging thingy. So I cut around one of the little motifs, and stuffed it silly. I also want to hang the little beady fairy of it as well as a couple of other thingies as well. I am going to make this "Tag" or "Tassle" for want of better words, removable so if the quilt needs washing, it can be done without ruining the thingie in question. Pickles little friend is getting one that is just the same so I thought I better make Pickles quilt easy to identify.

I went shopping for some clothes for Little Pickles today. Its nuts really, only March. The shops here are just bursting with all the winter clothes, but if I wait until the weather starts to get cold there will be nothing left. Let it be said that I can shop for the country, but today, it fair wore me out. And how come my kid gets better clothes than me? Because she deserves it and she stops traffic. I stop hearts, but not in a good way.

Here is a music vid by the incomparable Imogen Heap. Take my word for it, she's awesome. And when you have see the vid, off you go to the itunes music store. Chop Chop!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

as promised ... taa dah!!!

Okay, here is Little Bow, she is all done now except for the label and a tiny error on the back, and thats going to be done tomorrow. The pictures aren't the best. They had to be taken outside, the cat was being a major pest. It seemed like it was her reason for being to get on the quilt whenever she could, so I had to resort to hanging the quilt on the line. The light was awful and I was using my iphone. I'll take some better pics with my canon at the show. I'll post it all here anyways. So here she is.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Today was supposed to be the day ...

That I did the big reveal on on Little Bow. Until I came down with kid flu. Little pickles was sick last week and today was her first day back on deck. Me, however, have a tissue box attached to my hip and I am wondering if its bigamous if I say I want to marry the scientists who make codral cold tablets.

So, to give myself a well needed shot of vitamin c, I made myself a small cup of rose (just roses - nothing else) tea. Its loaded with vitamin c and all sorts of good stuff and as you can imagine, smells just divine. And had a look at my Noel Lumiere Charm squares. So me and my tissues are off to try and finish Little Bow. So near and yet so far. So with any luck, tomorrow will be the big reveal for Little BOw. At last. And then, I can show you pics of the nearly finished cosy for Pickles. She calls quilts ... Cosy's. I like that, I like that a lot.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Bubble Bubble toil and sew ...

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. By this time tomorrow night, Little Bow will be 100% finished... YYYYYIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DH looked at her yesterday and said "are you ever going to finish that?" he then told me it didn't look any different from when I started to re-work it. I have been at this now for weeks.

Aw, what do boys know? Nuthin as it happenes. And here are some WIP pics, and I'll post finished pics later on the weekend. Then I can start making some stuff. And I bought a 9" wedge ruler this week, and I am so ready to have a wee play with that. Little sparkles has told me that I have to make Telly mats for all her new little friends at school. There is 8 of them, and apparently I can do it by blinking. But that might make a great little project for here. I'll keep you all posted.