Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm Back ... A

What a past few months. I feel like I have ben dragged backwards through a hedge and run over twice. But I'm back, with pictures. I thought I might show you a couple of wee pics to kick off the new year. I am in a bit of a dolly fuzz at the moment. Little sparkles has been very worried about starting school. We have been doing a bunch of stuff to get her ready, and one of the things is getting her a doll that looks like her that I will dress like her down to a mini version of her little uniform. That all has to be finished by the 1st, the day I give her her new doll and her first day of school. So I will post the pics from the past couple of months here and then post again when the dust settles next week.

There is a bunch of stuff I want to talk about here but to kick it off, Little Bow is being entered in the Katoomba Quilt Show. She will be top of the list until the 6th of March when she gets delivered and I'll post pics here as she gets properly finished.

This is the pressie that I made for my friend Lydia. I made the journal, and that is going to be a telly project that will go up next week. I made the bird brooch as well.

Here is a closer look at the bird brooch, I took the pattern from a gorgeous piece of french handmade lace from the turn of last century.

And here are the dollies I made for little sparkles and her friends, they loved them and sparkles carries hers around all the time. I am going to put the pattern up on my etsy store, when I get round to getting that together as well.

Here we go 2010 ... we're off!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

its been quiet ...

I look at the last blog entry and ... its been a month. Hang fire folks, posting begins next week, all sorts to talk about and will do so then. Have some stuff to get to the US by then end of the week. Hope your Christmas was amazing and happy and joyful and all the best for the this coming year. Can't wait to get back on deck, love Jo