Saturday, 28 November 2009

Let'a try that again ...

Okay. All seems to be okay here for the time being. The last time I tried to post, something screwy was going down with blogger. I cut my losses and got out quick. But now, I'll have another crack at it and see how it goes.

Kellie at Don't Look Now is having a quilt - a - long and it's a cracker. Loved it so much, I decided to sign up and play. Its a lovely pattern, I so much prefer graceful curves to sharp angles. But I am going to change the over look of the quilt just a smidge, a wee smidge. And I am using Rouenneries by French General for Moda fabrics. I am currently wearing a path in my carpet waiting for my bf to call me to let me know that our mega order from Hancocks has arrived, one of three I should add. The first order has my fabric for this quilt along, and the next one has my rouenneries backing fabric so ... Here is a wee pic of how the block will roughly look.

I set it up on a pillow case. The actual background is a french general print from the same range. I'll post a pic of the completed block when the fabric arrives (hopefully) this week. And then I'll be on my way!!!

I haven't forgotten my telly project, that will go up later today, and I want to talk about Studio-rama too. but again, after pickles is in bed, I'll fill you guys in then.

Monday, 23 November 2009

972. Nine hundred and seventy two. I thought if I wrote the number in words it would't look so big. I was an idiot, it looks huge. That's the amount if petals I'll have to cut out to make my blocks for the quilt. The quilt. The Quilt along quilt. I have signed on for a quilt-a-long. Kellie at Don't Look Now has a great project all set out to go. So on top of everything I have to do, I have decided to do this. But me being me, I am going to change the pattern a wee bit, not the technique, not the technique at all but the actual design of the blocks. And I am making my quilt bigger, so it will fit on my bed. It will basically be the same, sort of. I'll write more later as something tricky is happening with Blogger at the moment and I don't want to risk putting anything much up yet. But check out Kellie's site, and have a look at the links and the flickr group. More later.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I can't believe its all done ...

for the record ... I am just buggered. Saying "tired" doesn't really cut it, nor really describe the depth of weariness I am feeling right now. Please USA girls, don't be offended, here in Australia saying you are "buggered" means you are tired ... not what it means there. I have the kind of weariness that has made my feet throb up to my knees and my entire body aches. Its been a whopper of a week and at last, its all done. Doesn't help being a million degrees here in Sydney, the house is like an oven, so all three of us are camping out here in the living room with the air con going. The cat is no where to be seen.

I really want to talk to you guys about the quilt along I have committed to, but that will have to wait for a day or two. I am still getting all my bits together before starting. So I thought I would show you some piccies and have a moan about French General Fabrics. I am moaning about French General's new ranges for Moda because I just love them and I can see them keeping me poor for an age. I am moaning because I have been juts ruined by these fabrics. I am simply not interested in anything else but these. My brain is fizzy with ideas and with three or more ranges coming out form them next year, I will just have a constant stream of yum to play with. And write about here. And show you. And give you tutorials for too.

I'll save that for later, but for now, have a wee squiz:

Yup, its a letter. big bloody deal I hear you say. Well, it's here because for me its a monster deal. I am entering "Little Bow" in the Katoomba Quilt Show. My first quilt show, the girls at Country Pickins were really encouraging. lynne, legend Lynne was rally encouraging and as for my mate Lydia ... well, I have decided I am giving it a crack so telling you too. I'll let you know the ins and outs and all the gory details as we get closer to the show.

Picture no.2

The dollies all done. I think they turned out just great, even if my husband said they creeped him out and didn't understand them. But the little girls squeled and loved them and carted them around all day, everytime I looked at them, they were cuddling their dollies so I reckon that is a good sign.

These pics aren't great but they'll do for the moment, stay tuned for more on the quilt along and I want to also talk to you about "Studio-Rama" as well. Take it easy, and check back in a day or two.

Friday, 13 November 2009

There are things coming ... things I tell you

It's been a few days. Sorry about that. There is a bunch of stuff happening here all cumulating with a huge big week next week and then .... all goes back to normal before the christmas run around. But... there will be things here. This week is too big for me, 7 softies have to be done for Saturday, cooking all day friday and my little pickles is having a wee part on sunday. As well as having folks stay. It's a whopper.

So please please please hang in there with me. I am trying to sort out how to make my telly projects accessible without having to trawl through all the posts (Blogger, you guys need to fix that) and I think I have found a way but I can't sort it all until this coming week is over and then ... chocks away.

There is also going to be some major sciting going on too. My Rouenneries will be here and I am ready to play. The french General fabrics are me all over, and my brain has been getting all fizzy with the multitude of stuff that you will see here. and hang on to your hats, it will be mainly in French General fabric. I loves it, I really loves it.

So I am here and this week I am going to be quiet but once Sunday week is done, I am back on creative deck and my first telly project will be ready for you to play with if you wish.

Have a great rest of the weekend. I'll be back soon!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Telly Project #1 - Coussin Epingle

Here it is, my very first telly project for you. Coussin Epingle is French and it means "Pin Cushion". Please don't yawn, pin cushion yadda yadda but I wanted to actually use my Rouenneries Charm square pack instead of just gazing and gazing in awe at it. French General and Moda have created something so unbelievable yummy, so more-ish .. well, it's almost supernatural. So, I have fqs in the printed fabric coming, FQs in the wovens coming, a layer cake and I have 2 packs of the charm sqaures. I am beginning to believe I made need a jelly cake and I have a couple of prints that need to come home in yardage form. I have a problem. I have already pre-ordered the same in Rural Jardin. I do have a problem.... where was I? Yes, that's right the telly project.

This is a simple little pin cushion to make but it will take you a couple of nights. Still, its a great project to do in front of the telly.

Here are the things you need to make the Coussin Epingle with. Two charms squares, one quilted by hand (yes, you read right) with the pattern and some vintage ribbon. I also filled my coussin with wheat. Makes it feel nice and has a great weight to it. I really believe that if we go to great lengths to use the best natural fibre fabric we can, it would be nice to fill it with something organic too. Although with kids toys it sometimes helps to have something able to be chucked in the washing machine and you just can't do that organically without giving your husband a massive stroke.

This project is a freebie. Nix, nil, nada, zip is what you have to pay for this one. I am having technological issues with my scanner at the mo. It isn't working ... at all. So my wonderful friend is going to scan it for me and I'l pop it up here but if you would like me to send you the project (it's in PDF format), please comment and let me know you want one. I'll get it to you as soon as it's ready.