Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A visit to Mecca ... I mean Material Obsession ...

I spent most of Monday night reading blogs. Don't ask me why, I have no idea myself. BUt as I read Blog after Blog after blog, it became apparent to me that a visit to Material Obsession was needed. I had been reading a few accounts of the Sue Ross B.O.M club. I was drooling. I wanted to play so bad. There are a bunch of girls out there doing it, 150 according to M.O themselves. the club is completely sold out : ( but there is a waiting list for a second round in Feb. 2010 : )

On the waiting list I went, and then I decided with all the raps the M.O was getting about the traps in blogs etc. I thought it might be a grand idea to go out there and check it out. So after lunch with Brent and Cai Cai and all her little girl friends at Macquarie centre to watch the Ice Skating while they all demolished the nutritionally questionable Happy Meals we were dumb enough to buy for them.

Then it was off to quest for M.O. It wasn't hard to find. I left Brent dozing in the car and with Cai Cai in tow, off we went. I got a wee bit of a surprise, it all looked a bit bare. And that really did make me wonder, in fact, there wasn't a great deal of anything there but and this is a big BUT ... the quilts that I could see were to die for. Absolutely stunning. I bought the two template packs you see in this post, came home and promptly started on one straight away. I'll pop the piccy of what I've done so far below. But I was thinking about it all afternoon yesterday. I get what they are doing at M.O . There was a lot of focus on using contemporary fabrics to make the old traditional quilt blocks to come up with something so new. They have done it. Its cool. I like that a lot. I love the idea of using old things in a new way to come up with something new and hand - downable! (I invented a new word!) . What's the point of spending hours and hours of time tom make something temporary? Let's make stuff out great great great grand kids will love and their kids and so on.

I think there has been a shift at M.O. The girls who started the business seem to have parted company. I don't know how recent that was, maybe its still new days for the changes. The website is no where as extensive as it was, and there was a definite feeling that a lot of stuff was missing so I'll keep an eye on things there and let's see what happens. Yup, I want to start that B.O.M as soon as pos.

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