Monday, 19 October 2009

Squueeeeeeee! It's here, woohooo!!!!!

Look what came in the post today ...

I did my happy dance in the Post Office today ... internally. I almost leant over the counter and planted a big ol kiss on the fella behind the counter ... internally of course. But he did get a grin from me as I handed him my license (the book came registered post). To be hard honest, I thought that it was great he was checking my id, I bet there are a couple of girls around here who would have sold kidneys for this one.

I luurv Cath Kidston. And like a squillion others, I mourn the idea that we don't have a store here in Sydney 'cause we need one. Badly.

Anyhoo ... oh and I remembered a very important tip today. Yup, I remembered after everything was finished and I had been wondering what I did wrong. Jo's Wonder Tip for today ... when getting images ready for transferring onto fabric that you spent bloody ages dipping in Bubblejet Set, cutting out the Freezer paper while wrestling with a four year old for use of the really big scissors then trying to keep the same child from wanting to swim in the mix out back. Always make sure that your images are set on high contrast so when you go to rinse out the images you spent ages getting ready and then nearly using up all of cartridge printing out ... because if you don't, you loose half your colour and your totally fab images look like they need to eat a good steak. Learnt that today, just thought I'd share.

So, tonight I watch "Flash Forward" and read this totally gorgeous book and drool over the pics and hopefully get some work done on my new fabric range.

A big thanks to the lovely folk at Lark in Daylesford, I got their last copy and they were bonza good sports.

Make sure you check them out ... they rock.

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