Wednesday, 28 October 2009

It's Sciting time .....

"Sciting" ... it's a word my Nana used to use. It means having a crow or a brag about something etc. I have some stuff I want to scite about. I was going to tell my husband, but other than the fact that his eyes would glaze over and he'd go to his happy place. He would also start to look at the stuff and start adding up in his brain even though he doesn't really know how much it all costs. I'm saving his health by just not sharing with him my hobby with him. So I get to share it with you!!!!! Can't help it, just need to.

The lovely girls out at the Cottage Quiltworks have just moved. They used to be up behind my Parents in Law, and there were a few afternoons when the football was on the telly, Grammy was playing with Pickles and me, I was staring at the wall. So off I would go and just poke about in their shop until I bought way too much. They have moved to a bigger place about 10 minutes away from my in-laws now and they are having a 30% off sale on most of their stock until the end of October. So yesterday, My girlfriend and her daughter, myself and Pickles all went down for a bit of a look. Look hahahahahaha, yeah right. The little girls were amazing, they sat and coloured for ages and had a chat. We were there for two hours, and I bought these (scite warning) ...

Bar the last four on the bottom right hand side, are all for a new quilt design to come hard on the heels of Hard Candy but I'll tell you about that later. Lovely muted palette this time, and a little bit vintagey-shabbyish- whatever. I also found this, drum roll please :

Flea Market Fancy my friends, yes that's right and still on the bolt and it's mine all mine ... well, that's not quite true. I shared it with my girlfriend but I reckon it has to the last bolt in existence and now it's gone and here at my house and my girlfriend's. And just for the sake of it, here is my precious Flea Market Fancy stash:

I have decided to use some, I have too. Now because I felt like a guilty wife today, I went out to Country Pickins to see the lovely girls there and to let them know I hadn't fallen from the face of the earth and to pick up these:

Another couple of Matilda's Own Quilting templates. I have about 6 sets or more now and they are wonderful. I using one of the sets for Hard Candy and have ordered another set for the new project. The dresden plate is being used for the block carrier. When I am finished it, I'll post the details here so if you want to tackle it you can. And finally, this isn't a scite it's an apology. I should always be bothered to make sure the pictures you look at you can see. So sorry about being flip about my embroidery pattern. I am going to take some proper pictures so you can see her in all her glory. Check back in the next day or so, and this pics will be up!

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