Monday, 19 October 2009

It's 2.30 in the morning fer crying out loud ...

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddddd ..... I can't sleep. SO, here I am at my blog. HAd some cacke too, just to make the no sleeping thing a bit more real. In my own defense I have to say that I have never done this before, eaten cake and blogged at 2.30 in the morning. But sometimes in life, you just have to go with it. That's what I am doing now. Going with it .. and raving a wee bit as well.

I am so very, very, very, very excited. I am going to do a Quilt-a-long. Hoody Frickin' hoo, been wanting to do that for a while now, and managed to locate almost every single one one the web only to find out that had been going for eons and I had come late to the party. Not now chickadees .. kellie at Don't look Now is having a corker of a quilt along and I am down to play. And for my fabric, I think ... hmmm (she says looking like an over weight Vivian Leigh at the BBQ in Gone with the Wind) ... Moda's stunning new range Rouenneries is going to be the go. Yes, I could attack my stash, I really could, and I could use the umpteen different scraps I have left over from little Bow or from the Satchel Bag or whatever but I really love this collection. Its yummy to die for and so I have deemed it to be, Rouenneries it will be for this. It will look seven kinds of gorgeous, and have a really different feel to it. A wee bit olde worlde.

In case you have been living on the moon for the past six months, here is the range I am yapping about ..

Here is the link

THere is just something so .. so ... yummy about the range and then at the other end of the spectrum, I would sell my husband's left kidney for a whole bunch of Tula Pink's new range "Plume", let me see if I can find it for you now where did I see it ... here it is at Hancocks of Paducah in Kentucky. Went to High School there, don't you know (said in pretendy posh voice).

I am loving The tula Pinks, Heather Bailey's, The Amazing Denyse Schmidts of this world as well. Too much gorgeous fabric, nnow it's 3 am and that's me for the night. Now I am tired and my brain is feeling sleepy. Sent my China blossoms off to the good folks at Moda to peruse, I figured ..what the hey, why not? Why not indeed ... now I am raving. Off to bed I go.

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