Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I have been doing something, I really have ...

I have, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I finished the quilt. Yup, it turned into a quilt, the lady in the pattern, I'll post a pic from her new posie at Country Pickin's . If you get the chance, check out this store if you are Sydney local or check them out on line. Their fabric range is great and the girls are just bonza ! And ... they put up with me, it seems like I spend half my life there!

I spent a great deal of time sewing by my sewing machine light. I reckon it has to be one of my favourite light sources, the little light from my sewing machine. Not the best for the eyes but it's just a nice feeling. Well, that makes me sound nuts.

The lady is done, it was a real exercise. I thought that having all the pieces being big and grand, I would save myself a whole bucket of time. Yeah, right. I still had to pin the thing four times to get it right before I quilted it. Four times. Thank God Brent wasn't around to see me sticking taping the thing to the floor and swearing as I put the quilting pins in only to drag them out again. And then there is the Yo-yos ... sorry, Suffolk Puffs. It was a wonderful idea to use yo-yos as decoration on my quilt, to zhuzh my lady and make her look fab. Even with the help of my much loved Clover Yo-yo makers, it still took an age. But I love the Yo-yo makers, I have three shapes (circles, Hearts and flowers) and they work like a treat. I was so greatful to my mate Lydia for lending me Aaron Sorkin's great series "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I watched the entire series while making this quilt. Its a crying shame that only one season was made, the writing was clever and sharp, the characters engaging. I guess Mad Men will just have to keep me going.

Here is another wee peek at Little Bow:

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