Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I had a bunch of stuff to do ...

But instead I brewed up the rest of the new quilt, not to be confused with the quilt along but my new project campers. I spent a while getting the images ready to boogie tomorrow after the new ink cartridge arrives home. I pay for the Katie Jump Rope tomorrow, so it will be sent and as soon as it comes then it's cutting templates like a fury.

I have decided that I'll pop up a pattern for a block carrier using the same design I am using on the quilt. And the quilt has a name, and because I had a whole heap of stuff to do I decided to pfaff about and make a wee button for it ... because I could. And now I look at the button I am worried that it makes me look a little bit ... well less than the straight girl I am ... aw bugger it, I don't care. The image made me laugh, a cow and a woman in a bra ... what the???? But wait til you see the whole thing, I think it's going to have a wee bit of zing to it...

Eventually this button will sit on the side bar and have pics of the design process and the finished quilt. I'll do this for all the stuff I make and pop in here. Watch out for China Blossies, that will be up soon and I will put up a pattern for a Wee Blos and I think I might hold a swap. Anyway, here is the button. Hoody hoo!

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