Saturday, 15 August 2009

So very ... Charming ...

Okay, Charmings. I made 'em. I call 'em. These are basically charms, in this case used for my lap top cover. These can be made in ANY size, I used a combination of fabric and paper with a covering of mica sewn together and then hung off a mixture of bits of jewelry I had. Some of it vintage, some of it from what we call here, the $2 shop.

Again so super easy, in the next few days, I'll post a tutorial here so anyone can else make them.

Fabric doesn't get used much for charm making outside quilting and fabric arts but it is so versatile. I have the the makings of three fabric journals all ready to go, and I have a bunch of ideas I want to try and I will be posting here what happens and how. So keep us all going for a bit, here are some pics of the Charmings, you'll be seeing more of them here.

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