Friday, 14 August 2009

Charmings m'dear and a laptop ....

I have made a cover for my new lap top ( I lurv it). I cheated, I bought a pattern. It's an Amy Butler pattern granted. Whoo wee I thought I was so clever, loved the look of the patterns. Loved the way the finished projects looked, I was short of time so instead of nutting out one of my own I used Amy Butler's.

Slick advertising can be so pretty, you want to run right out and sew while you run through a wheatfield, kilos lighter than you are, head full of luscious hair that doesn't have to be coloured. it's all amazing. Until you open the pattern and try to bloody read it. IT'S IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! I have a degree in Fashion Design, four years at design school, experience in the industry. Millions of years of sewing behind me, I started when I was 6. I can sew, I am a pattern maker, I can get real technical but when I read this pattern I thought I was studying some weird form of engineering law with a mix of quantum physics chucked in just to make sure I didn't get too comfortable. This is NOT a pattern you read once and then say "goodio, I'm ready to make something wonderful". This is a pattern you read through once and then walk around the house afterwards saying to yourself "I'm a smart, tricky girl but what the!?!"

The official site says that the pattern instructions are "super friendly, hip and cool". There is nothing hip or cool about feeling like you wanted to enrol in a primal scream therapy session after tackling a sewing pattern written in venusian. Great advertising though.

I have read reviews of this pattern and it's listed as being a pattern for experienced sewers but that's crazy. The pattern itself isn't hard, its a great pattern for beginning and intermediate level sewers. What makes it hard is the way the instructions are written. And that's useless. I am going to rewrite the instructions for my friend so she can make it without having herself committed. All the lawyers sniffing about can settle down, the instructions won't be posted here, I will give them to her and then make sure she eats it or gives it to her dogs when she's done. The product is amazing, the instructions to make it should be amazing as well.

So here is the pattern :

And here is my finished lap top cover, it's not beautifully photographed but it will give you an idea of what it looks like and how messy my table is. And you will see along the edge of the laptop cover flap, you will see my charmings. Charmings you say? What's a charming? You'll just to read on and find out ....

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  1. Jo, I just love your laptop cover and your charmings are adorable! I think I might need to make a cover myself...was it difficult? Becs


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