Friday, 26 June 2009

And the Response is ...

Underwhelming. That's right, no one wants to play Wiz challenges with me. Well, okay, I can always try later. But for now, I have a bizillion things to think about. I finished the Grande Dame and ... she has problems and is now sitting in front of my little girl's bedroom door.

She isn't fit to show anyone, which is a shame, her face was just lovely. Until I stuffed it (literally) and because her mouth was low down on her face, it almost disappeared entirely. It pulled and by the time I had finished, she looked like she should have been a reality show moaning about a lousy plastic surgeon. I am really happy with the Mini Grandes, they work a treat. So the acid test is the mid sized girly, I think I can use her to sort out issues with the large doll, so I can then turn around to make Grande Dame Mk2. Stay tuned.

I am focusing on my fabric range at the moment. So as you can see, its been about two weeks between drinks. So will endevour to talk to me self on a public forum more often. I have to tell you about my idea. Its brewing, I'll get the range out of the way and then post the idea here ... maybe. Stay groovy, if I can bare it and not crack my camera lense, I'll post a picture of my not so grande grande.

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  1. I think your fabric creations are wonderful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and joining my Haunted Masquerade blog event! :) Cassandra


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