Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Le Grande Dame

The work in progress

This poor thing has been a work in progress for about 12 months now.  She is drawn and coloured with Prismacolor pencils.  I love those pencils and I use them all the time.  The colour has a  lot of depth.  A quick iron across the back of the fabric and bingo stingo ... image all set.

Very cool.

Poor thing tho, she is my project for next week, to finally finish her off.  I'll take a proper picture of her next week with my really camera instead of my ultra hip but kinda useless iphone cam.  See, its a "cam" because its really only half a cam-er-a.  Anyways, her completed pic will be posted here.

I am trying to put together a textile range at the moment.  About a million years ago, I was a textile designer.  I have an Honours Degree in Fashion and Textile design and Textile design was the thing I loved.  I worked for a bit in the fashion industry aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd ... just hated it.  I have done some paper designs for a craft magazine here, done other little bits and bobs from time to time but this a complete collection that I want to see if I can foist it onto some poor unsuspecting huge company.  

I might pop some teasers up here.

I also write ... books ... just thought you should know.  Its kind of funny, when I was designing for work, writing was my hobby.  Now I am writing (well, trying to) designing is my hobby.

Hang on, that ... makes my head hurt.

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