Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The latest addition to the family ...

Beatrix the wonder cat.

This very artistic shot was taken by my little girl with my iphone.  We were at the vet visiting Beatrix, then just known as the "cat".  My cat of 17 years had been put to sleep.  It was awful, I am still devastated but the day after neighbours came knocking.  They had found a black and white cat who was very friendly.  They had miniature dachshunds who were terrified and fretting.  They didn't know what to do.  I told them to go and take her to the vet so they could check the cat over and scan for a microchip.  But I did ask for the to let me know what happened.

A few days later, they were back.  The cat was at the vet's and the it turned out to be a "she" as well as a pure bred British Shorthair.  And no microchip.  I rang the vet,  no one had come to claim her but they were getting her ready to go to the pound.  I asked to see her.  My little girl and I went the next day.  My husband, well, I thought he was bound to run about the place yelling "ARRRRGGGHHHH" at the top of his voice but he didn't.  He sighed and hummed a bit about the girls at the vet but he was curious.  

And so we went to see her.  And the next day, and the day after, and the day after (when the above pic was taken).  The vet faxed everyone they knew, all the local pounds and further afield.  No one came to claim her, so last Thursday she came home.  We are all in the getting to know you phase although tonight ... well, she was just gorgeous.  She jumped up on the desk in Brent's study while I put my links on the blogroll, then I felt a funny little pat pat on my shoulder. I turned around and there was Beatrix (we called her Beatrix after Beatrix Potter).  She was sitting right at my shoulder.  I smiled at her and she climbed down my should and sat in my lap.

She is a real little sweetie, while I miss my other furry little girl, this one is a delight.  There is nothing relevant to design, art, making stuff or whatever but this is the closest thing you'll get to the anything "personal" here.  Its about a cat.  I think she is cool.

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